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Dayl Pezer- All Rise Mothers EP (2019)

Official Dalibor Dayl Pezer website. Since March 2018. Music, painting, poetry about God and the World. Check it out!

New Dalibor Dayl Pezer EP, Dysangelium 2017 (House, DNB, Breakbeat, Buy or download free on Soundcloud)
Dalibor Pezer-Dysangelium EP (2017)dysangeliumDalibor Pezer is an artist, producer, muse, painter who never settled down in one genre. But I may give you a hint and mention that Dayl Pezer, Pezer, PE7ER releases are Electronica genres and the releases under name Dalibor Pezer is Pop/Rock/Inspirational other music !!! Born in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegowina), everybody calls him Dale (Dayl), {28} years old, crazy life story (War in Bosnia made his Family move, Bosnia (Kakanj, Haljinici), Prague (Czech Republic), Vodice Sibenik (Croatia), and now living in Berlin (Germany). As a little kid, he shows interest in Music, but his first contact with writing and producing was back in 1999/2000. He formed a Hip-Hop group called Rhyme Maniacs, they had live airing on Foundation Rap Show on Radio Sibenik (Croatia). Soon came the guitar in his life (Bought by his Mother) and he formed a Metal band (Evil Pony late 2004-2010). In 2012 he moves to Germany, ends up in Berlin, co former/composer/guitarist of a band called P Garage [Rock], Magic Cap Productions. Former of the writing duo IDISIM Pezer & Williford [Electronica, Pop Music] in 2013.

He speaks very openly about his Cancer, his life story, cause he believes that life stories build up other people who are stuck in their lives, situations. “War child?” he smiles “…Every one of us has a war going on, every day, and I’m never gonna tell you that I had it more difficult than you had it!” he says! The brain Cancer diagnoses, the operation and Epilepsy in 2008. made him to not quit the Music journey, even he couldn’t speak after the surgery. The fear was there, hair was gone, fear f that he could not sing anymore, cause he had to concentrate to say a word. Playing guitar was difficult because of feeling lost in his right hand. All noises made him feel he loses control over his body and get seizures. No, it didn’t stop him from his love, to continue making music.

Dayl Pezer never settled down in a Genre, he always listened and explored good music, from Metallica to B. Smetana (Classical). Dayl Pezer today, His Goal is to stay healthy make some music in the Future, doing some interesting collabs.

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Dalibor Pezer Electronic Pop

Some Lost tape (Pop Rock)

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Pezer releases:

Dayl Pezer-All Rise Mothers EP 2019

Dalibor Pezer-Dysangelivm EP 2017

Dayl Pezer Front Door [IDISIM 2016]

Pezer-Rattlesnake [Hype Muzik London UK 2010]

Pezer-The Holographic Me [Pezer rec., electro superstar Berlin, Frankfurt 2010]

Pezer-The Holographic Me [Ibiza Lounge Compilation 2014]

Pezer-Horse [Lounge Compilations]

Unofficial Remixes/Remakes/ Non-Commercial Versions/

Space-Magic Fly (Dayl Pezer Remix)

GusGus-Fadeout (Mexico Demoing)

Pointer Sisters-Automatic (Helena Bastić meets Dayl Pezer Cover) (Walsh/Goldenberg 1983.)

Also involved in music crimes like Sundays
See also P Garage band [rock],

Magic-Cap Productions/PE7ER REC Berlin

Peace out.