Just, Marlin

Just, Marlin

Just, Marlin

Just, Marlin! Opera, Pop, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Soul, and Inspirational music! These music forms fuel this artist!

I have traveled the world, and I have met with HUNDREDS of different cultures in my life! There is more to life than my front porch! I like showing and sharing that in my music!

My music will show different Cultures, Ideas, Emotions, Life’s experiences, and Truths! I love how POWERFUL music is! It’s the ONLY international Language of ALL emotions!

Why, “JUST, Marlin”? lol My name is VERYY long! (Marlin Monroe Williford, Jr.) So, I wanted to find an artist name, that belongs to me, but has a twist! lol

Life is a Journey! It’s our choice to explore it! I’ve chosen to Ride it till the WHEELS fall off! lolol

Join me on my Journey! See Y’all around!

Just, Marlin

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