About Us

Marlin 3

Marlin Monroe Williford (AKA Its Night Star) is a Singer, Lyricist, and Song Writer from NYC, now living in Berlin Germany. Trained Opera Singer, Marlin also sings: Pop, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Gospel/Inspirational music.

Marlin has traveled the world singing on Tours, TV, in Movies, and Commercials.

“Being part of IDISIM has given me a True focus! I am thankful for this opportunity to express myself, through music! And, to carpet the world with our Sound!”


Dalibor Pezer (AKA Dayl Pezer, Pezer, PE7ER) is a Producer, Songwriter, Composer and guitarist born in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegowina), everybody calls him Dale (Dayl), crazy life story (War in Bosnia made his Family move, Bosnia (Kakanj, Haljinici), Prague (Czech Republic), Vodice Sibenik (Croatia), and now living in Berlin (Germany). As a little kid he shows interest in Music, but his first contact with writing and producing was back in 1999/2000, more intensive from 2005.

From Hip Hop to Metal, from Metal to classic, he never settled just in one genre. Soon came the guitar in his life and his love for heavy music, and that is hearable also in some of IDISIM songs.

“The most important thing is to stay healthy, making great music in the Future, doing some interesting collabs, and try to help this crazy World be a better place, if possible…”

#Idisim Pezer&Williford 2018 (c)