About Night Fish Clothing

Night Fish Clothing, focused on Big Men! My name is Marlin Monroe. I also make small sized clothing. I am open to everyone. My clothing is “Gender Fluid“! So, if anyone is interested in a piece of my clothing line, you can order it! Male, Female, an all Others, are all welcomed! I do NOT make Dresses. I also make things not on this site. We can discuss that.

WELCOME to the site! Just a quick explanation of

How THIS website works“:

I am not part of a corporation, neither am I able to out-source my clothing, at this time. So, EVERYTHING is made, arrange, and shipped by Myself, Marlin Monroe. There is no such thing as me making 5 different size of one piece. I do “Made to Order”. (Typically)

Most of the things you will see on the site, are “One of a Kind” pieces. I am not able to buy bulk material. I must receive funding for that. Until then, I buy pieces of materials.

Which mean, the piece you see on my website’s material, I may not have anymore.

This website is to showcase my clothing line pieces, and WE come up with material and stylings together. It is to show the option and direction in which  your piece can be made.

The prices on the site, are round-about what each piece cost. There may be extra fees for the delivery, me shopping for you, extra something specials on your item, etc. This will ALL be discussed before you pay!

ALL CLOTHING is Made to fit your body! (MT-FYB). So, Measurements are VERY important to BE RIGHT! for me to succeed. (There is a section for measurement instructions)

I also have a “Material” section, where you can choose from materials, with their prices, that I already have, if you haven’t picked yours out yet. Or, if local, we go together to get material, or per Whatsapp/Online, I go shopping for you to get your material.

You will notice the word “In Stock”  next to all items. Most of the material used, I do not have anymore.  Depending on what piece you’re requesting, I may have a few pieces left. They are there to showcase the NFC featured pieces. You are able to order a version of that piece, when you are interested. We will find a material that suits you.

There is also a “For Sale” section to this site. That is the section, where things will be for sale, “As is” I will tell: the size, length, width, etc for you to see if you can fit it. When I make things, I will post them there to sale online.

I will EVENTUALLY start my Postage Service. That is going to take some research and money to start. But, Until then, we can talk about shipping things to you.

Lets not forget!! The piece I am making for you, is one of a kind! We will talk the process through, pick your styles and colours, then Voi-La! You have your Original Night Fish piece.

You can also “Gift” someone an item of their choice to be made for them, to their liking. You will find that section, above, in the menu.

All orders and payments will be through: Paypal.com/NightFishClothing

ALL orders must be paid in full before being made.

The price stated to you at the end of our decision making chat, includes the entire process, from start to receiving!

When you see something you want to order/have made, send and EMAIL to request a consultation. We will discuss the process. (You can not order things through this website. It is for viewing the Clothing, only)


To find/view the clothing:  Go to the pull-down menu above, “Night Fish Clothing”, then choose what items you want to view from the different categories.


Feel free to gift me a donation! It is surely needed! Thank You!

My contact info:


Instagram: Night Fish Clothing

Facebook: Night Fish Clothing

PayPal: Night Fish Clothing