Measurement Instructions

Copy and Paste this information. Fill in your information.

Add an EXTRA 2inch/5cm to your body measurements, for safety.

Then Send to my email address with your:




Items you want me to make for you,

your location.


Measurements: inches/cm

1.Shoulder top:_______

2.Arm hole Length:_________

3.Neck round:___________

4.Chest round:___________

5.Bicep round:___________

6.Wrist round:_________

7.Hand with:___________

8.Belly round:____________

9.Waist round:__________

10.Hips round:____________

11.Thigh round:________

12.Inseam top to bottom:_______

13.Thigh round:___________

14.Waist to floor:___________

15.Ankle round:____________

16.Arm length:_________

17.Forearm round:____________

Regular jacket length:__________(Where you like your jackets to end, measure from top shoulder to the spot)

Tee-Shirt length:____________(Where you like your Tee-Shirts to end, measure from top shoulder to the spot)

Coat length:_____________(Where you like your Coats to end, measure from top shoulder to the spot)


Few questions:

Body Shape: (put an X in the space that is your size)

Square:________ Round:__________ Pear:_________

Big Belly:_____________  Medium belly:____________   Small belly:_________

Large chest:_____________  Medium chest:_____________   Small chest:_____________

Shoulders:   Wide:_______________ Medium:_______________   Narrow:__________

Hips:   Heavy:_____________   Medium:________________  Narrow:________

Neck:   Long:_______________   Medium:______________ Short/Non:_____________

Muffin top shape:____________   Just belly in front:_____________  Chest and stomach are the same size round:_____________